I feel inspired when I look at your art

I am over the moon! I feel inspired when I look at your art to try and be more positive.

Admired by everyone who sees it

Beth was approached for a sensitive and specific mural, she was chosen due to her empathetic approach and her art’s ability to speak volumes whilst being gentle and subtle. It has been amazing to see this artwork flourish from a few verbal ideas, to a digital design to a painted mural which is admired by everyone who sees it. This mural offers comfort, is gently thought provoking and mirrors the use and sanctity of the suite perfectly.

Interpreted brilliantly

Our commissioned artwork was interpreted brilliantly reflecting Beth’s creativity and flare. Beth is professional, efficient and approachable. She made some suggestions to the original scope that we had not considered which made the end result stunning! 

The painting is truly amazing

The painting is truly amazing, I can't thank you enough.

Absolutely LOVE my painting

I absolutely LOVE my painting, literally crying with how much I love it!

Very special and unique family portrait

Beth’s creative interpretation of all our ideas was amazing and she has captured our likenesses perfectly. The choice of the painting being on stretched canvas was ideal.

On seeing the completed painting for the first time online was an incredibly emotional moment and I cried tears of happiness. We had two additional copies on stretched canvas made so that each family home has a copy too.

It is a very special and unique family portrait and memories of lockdown and how precious our family are to us is embedded in this picture.