This painting features a woman born in Ghana who has lived in the Isle of Man for many years. The patterns on her top are in a popular Ghanaian layout and show both her Ghanaian and Manx identity through shapes such as the star from the flag of Ghana alongside the Celtic Trinity Knot (triquetra).  The text in the background focuses on celebrating the freedom to be yourself and express yourself in the Isle of Man. The woman’s red hair contrasts with the main colours in the painting making the image especially dynamic and reflecting her vibrant personality as well as linking with the theme of freedom of expression.

This painting is one of three created for AFRIOM Portraits, all three portraits feature people who live in the Isle of Man and have African heritage.

This art is also available as a range of fine art prints and on postcards / greetings cards, please click here for more details.

Please get in contact directly if you are interested in purchasing this original art.


42 cm (w) x 60 cm (h) x 2 cm (d) approximately, paint on stretched canvas

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