This painting celebrates love and kindness.  At the time of creating this portrait, the sitter was working full time and volunteering in the evenings helping vulnerable people on the streets. I found her heart so beautiful and inspiring, hence ‘Spiritual Warrior’ was born; celebrating the genuine love, kindness and compassion expressed by a strong woman of faith.

The decoration in the painting especially represents compassion / care, insight and action.  The silver swirling pattern on the right of the face indicates compassion and care by emulating tears and the busyness suggests action. The orange decoration around the eye on the left is similar to a target mark and also a traditional sun, the target link suggests insight, focus and action. The sun link indicates light, love and nourishment / growth. The use of silver / aluminium represents the spiritual in my work and the back ground pattern and dripping green paint signify faith and the spiritual as well as strength. The decoration on the face also links in with traditional face paint and war paint which suggests focus, action and sacrifice (title: ’Spiritual Warrior’).


80cm (w) x 60cm (h) paint and embellishment on canvas