This painting features a young woman born in Zimbabwe who has lived in the Isle of Man since she was a child. The text in the background refers to her African royal heritage, the ‘safe haven’ feeling of the island and the similarities she has found in the strong community cultures of both the Isle of Man and Zimbabwe. The patterns on her top refer to traditional Zimbabwean patterns and feature animals from the Isle of Man and Zimbabwe such as a Manx wallaby and Zimbabwean elephant. The style of the animals reflects how they are shown on ancient stone crosses in the Isle of Man as well as the simplified style of the Zimbabwean patterns. This painting is one of three created for AFRIOM Portraits, all three portraits feature people who live in the Isle of Man and have African heritage. Please get in contact directly if you are interested in purchasing this original art or fine art prints of this piece.


42 cm (w) x 60 cm (h) x 2 cm (d) approximately, paint on stretched canvas

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