This painting depicts a hairdresser part way through having her once long, multi-coloured hair shaved off to raise awareness of human sex trafficking and to provide a monetary gift for The Mustard Tree Foundation’s Rahab Project: restoring hope and belief by identifying and supporting those affected by sexual exploitation. The Gift I and The Gift III depict earlier and later stages of the process. The slightly more muted colours (in comparison to The Gift I) in this painting show a more reflective sitter and reveals a calmer atmosphere as the event progresses. The sitter’s faith was a considerable factor in her giving her ‘gift’, the exaggerated contrast in tone and strong light suggest the spiritual element of this act. 25% of profits from sales (original and prints) will be donated to The Mustard Tree Foundation’s Rahab Project.

If you’re interested in fine art prints of this piece, please get in contact for more details.


61cm (w) x 91cm (h) x 2cm (d) paint on stretched canvas with embellishment