This painting shows twin Manx men, born in the Isle of Man with Kenyan heritage. The text around one of the necklines reads ‘Manx – Luo – Kalenjin’, whilst the Manx element indicates their birthplace on the Isle of Man, Luo and Kalenjin are Kenyan tribes. This painting contains all the colours and features key items from both the Kenyan flag and flag of Mann. Both young men have represented the Isle of Man in sports and achieved a number of awards, this is reflected in the image by the circles and leaves on their tops (indicating growth and development) alongside the scallop shell and the prominent positioning of the Three Legs of Man. This painting is one of three created for AFRIOM Portraits, all three portraits feature people who live in the Isle of Man and have African heritage. Please get in contact directly if you are interested in purchasing this original art or fine art prints of this piece.


42 cm (w) x 60 cm (h) x 2 cm (d) approximately, paint on stretched canvas

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